Theodore's Birth

On Friday the 6th of April 2018, I watched my best friend Trudi, give birth to Theodore John Bartley at 4.14pm. A day and time I will truely never forget!

I was so shocked and excited when Trudi offered for me to watch and photograph baby Theo's birth. Before that day I had never witnessed a natural birth. Being a FIFO wife & mum, I am just not able to be flexible and available enough to offer these sorts of sessions, even though I wish so badly that it was something I could offer.

BUT this was one birth I was not going to miss for the world!

Trudi was induced in the morning and finally at 4.14pm Theo entered this world after a hard but drug free labour!

Thankyou so much Trudi & Tj for having me be apart of your birth journey, it was a honour to witness it all! I am so proud of you both and I will always hold a special place in my heart for baby Theodore, along side his big brother & sister!

#birth #naturalbirth #labour

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