The  Style Guide

Choosing the perfect outfits for a photoshoot can be so overwhelming and daunting. I am always getting asked for tips on styling, and if you have chosen me as your photographer, than chances are you love my over-all style. Thats why I have created this style guide, to give you hints and tips to style your session. The most important thing to remember is, I always want you to feel like YOU, I want to capture your authentic self!

The key to finding the perfect outfit combo is to remember that matchy-matchy is out and simple co-ordination is in.  


Finding a colour pallette that you love is a great place to start. I personally love earthy tones, burnt oranges, greens, browns, mustards and nude colours. I recommend focusing on three colours. 


For the men.. simple, plain coloured shirts or small prints are best. I recommend against shirts with pictures or large words as it can be distracting. 


My favourite style is flowy dresses, big hats with barefeet. I also love a nude belly with kimono for maternity. But thats not for everyone, if my style fits you than wonderful, but if it doesn't then stay true to yourself, and your style. I want to capture YOU!!